Bio Logbook is a patented solution which can assess changes in a patient’s health by analysing results inside the reference threshold values, using artificial intelligence, big data and statistical analysis.

Either the patient’s biological test result varies around the reference statistical mean for the parameter measured and they are healthy, or the result deviates substantially from the statistical mean for the reference population and the patient is considered to have an “intermediate health status”. It is precisely this that the Bio Logbook solution can detect. Using this concept, biological measurements can be characterized in a much more detailed manner.

To achieve this precision, Bio Logbook uses statistical calculations to generate more homogeneous reference populations for the biological parameter being measured. The more precise your reference population, the more effectively you can assess the deviation or ‘drift’. For this purpose, Bio Logbook has integrated millions of algorithms, pre-analysed measurements, and tested biological parameters, allowing it to produce personalized prognostic assessments based on a patient’s sex, weight, height, blood group and genetics.

The Bio Logbook solution can thus predict the causes of early biological imbalances by identifying deficiencies, the presence of pathogens, specific genetic patterns and the treatments being followed by the patient, based on the results of blood and urine samples and genetic testing. This groundbreaking innovation enables a better understanding and detection of complex and silent diseases, and can help prevent the onset of chronic illnesses thanks to more accurate and faster diagnosis.

Bio Logbook supports a “Four P approach” to medicine: Preventive, personalized, predictive and participative, it is ideal for all organisations and professionals involved in medical progress, from clinical research and pharmaceutical laboratories to biologists and doctors.