Bio Logbook provides solutions for precision medicine in different areas of the healthcare value chain.

Clinical Research

Benefit from a precision solution for statistical analysis to improve the understanding of illnesses:

  • Optimization of cohort studies
  • Prediction of disease onset
  • Identification of sub-populations of patients

Pharmaceutical Industry

Enhance your R&D and the personalization of treatments:

  • Treatment response prediction
  • Better use of complex data
  • Optimization of R&D costs

Diagnostics Industry

Optimize your research and development:

  • Precision analysis of lab test results to aid diagnostic or therapeutic research
  • Early detection and identification of new biological phenomena
  • Better use of complex data

Healthcare Professionnals

Offer patients a Personalized Healthcare Pathway:

  • Personalized and optimized interpretation of lab test results
  • Automatic detection of early biological imbalances
  • Suggestion of additional parameters for analysis during diagnosis
  • Prioritization of patients according to a risk score


Benefit from a personalized and preventive healthcare pathway:

  • Early action in the event of biological imbalance
  • Detection of silent illnesses
  • Prevention of chronic illnesses
  • Less misdiagnosis
  • Optimization of health