Bio Logbook is a decision support system which, as well as detecting early biological imbalances, suggests additional parameters worth analysing. The benefits for healthcare professionals are:

  • Better interpretation of biological test results
  • Prevention of chronic illnesses
  • Less misdiagnosis
  • Detection of silent illnesses
  • Faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Experimental trial with URPS in association with the French Public Investment Bank and Medicen Paris Region.

A beta test of a general medical practice patient monitoring software system was conducted in collaboration with the Regional Union of Health Professionals (URPS) for Greater Paris as part of the Lab’URPS initiative.

After six months’ of use by general practitioners with their patients, Bio Logbook had provided:

  • Precision monitoring of a number of illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure and inflammatory syndromes
  • Diagnosis support for certain pathologies, enabling referral to the most appropriate specialists
  • Prescription support ensuring the consideration of all necessary biological parameters
  • Prevention, through the anticipation of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.